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Jc Albert



          Jc Albert, living in Miami, Florida. Born in Cuba on April, 1975. He began in the art of magic at 8 years of age, inspired by his maternal grandmother who did tricks to entertain him because he was a very active and uneasy child. He discovered for himself that his abilities were much more when he showed, and taught his friends some tricks and they were not capable to do it with the skill he executed. 

           He began to perfect in this art thanks to a magician named, Aíras, who prepared him and when he saw that Jc Albert advanced and learned quickly. He connected him with another much more advanced colleague, the magician Lázaro, who evaluated Jc Albert as excellent and so he began to work as a professional, participating in several national and international events.
          At the age of 23 he makes the difficult decision to leave his country where there is a limit of professional growth by the dictatorship that governs the island and travels to the US where he arrives with many dreams but soon discovers how difficult it is to move forward, in a different land in this art, because of the high cost of the elements. It is in those moments where his dream seems to collapse.

            From that moment he decides to devote himself to producing the money he would need to start at much higher levels. Due to the arrival of his two beautiful daughters in his life, his expenses increased and the possibility of creating the necessary funds slows down a bit. The dedication, perseverance and effort for the dream you want to achieve is stronger than every obstacle. In 2017, after 16 years, he resumed his career. He meets a friend who he calls "Danny" which becomes his right hand. Together they created Miami Street Magic, a project that made Jc Albert known and has opened many doors for other projects. 

        In 2020 he created "The Secret of Illusions", a show on large scales and huge costs.
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