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Miami Street Magic

A project created with the intention of entertaining and bringing the art of magic to every corner of the city.
The idea is to give each person a smile and to brighten their day in a healthy and different way.
The street is the stage where Jc Albert manages with his abilities to surprise both the participants  and the spectators.
All videos can be found on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, @ Jc Albert Mg.

Miami Street Magic "PILOT"

A Project with the idea of making a production for television. A series of magical effects in the streets of Miami with super creative and dynamic images and illusions.
This is a production in which we have fun and enjoy a lot with each recording.

The Secret of illusions

The Secret of Illusions is a show at high levels of professionalism, where great illusions are found.
It is a show for everyone's entertainment, with a professional team that tries to bring something unique and different to the city.
At the moment this show can only be enjoyed in theaters.

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